About L'étourneau

L’etourneau is Danny’s dream come true. A fisherman all of his life and most of them for carp, Danny travelled extensively throughout France searching for a quality water, having found Letourneau his sole purpose is that you don’t suffer the same disappointments he has.


You will find Danny to be the most sociable of people whether it be for a spot of tactical advice or a lazy chat over a cold beer.


Be happy, catch fish and enjoy the peace is all he wants you to do. 


Situated in the Limousin- Périgord national park and set in 50 acres of woodland; L’etourneau offers superb fishing in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Mature trees surround the lakes giving a real feeling of seclusion.


We are easily reached by air or car with an approximate 7 hour drive from Calais. 


The purchase of Letourneau began is 2000 and was finalised in 2002, those of you that are familiar with the French way of life will understand why this has taken so long.


Work started immediately and the two largest lakes were drained of all original stock.


Those original stock were transferred to the stock pond were they still remain today.

Both larger lakes were then restocked with young fish between 20 and 40 lbs. 

2020 Update

We now have 4 known 70lbs+ carp, the biggest being 75lbs 8oz Common and 75lbs 14oz Mirror. 


I am happy and very proud to say that my son George has come on board and thrown himself in to it with all of the energy, drive and enthusiasm that I had some 20+ years ago. 


Work started on the top lake in 2014 and with the completion of the lodge and all facilities we are now able to offer exclusive fishing for the first time. 


Lake Facile has been developed by George and he is looking forward to welcoming you to this beautiful lake to catch fish, some of which have never seen a hook before! He knows the water like the back of his hand, he’s been fishing it for literally his whole life.