Fresh Bait by Loir Baits

While Using the finest ingredients in our boilies we are ecstatic that L’etourneau’s clients have accounted for many memorable captures, in 2019   the 3 top weight records at L’etourneau fell to Loirbaits.. 


WHY?? Our original blended base mix’s in conjunction with our cyprinoid catching irresistible flavours. Amino’s acid compounds liquid no bitter after taste sweeteners and essential oils simply leave other indicators silently and Waiting in our shadows. 


Being a lake owner I have taken years of time and effort and have recruited some top anglers in Europe to test and report on and help improve our range of baits.  One of the most important choices to consider when booking your treasured and long-awaited fishing trip over to France has to be the bait, so Don’t compromise!! We don’t.  


Bottom baits. Pop-ups critical nature identic wafters that are a touch harder than your free offerings. PVA friendly dips that are attractive and equally nutritional… 


Check out our website. all baits are available as freezers or why not try our new plant-based low inclusion preservative that won’t even be detected by our weary warriors!! Good luck and tight lines!! 


David Scott.

Tackle Hire at L’Etourneau

Rods Cradles, Mats, Nets Slings, Bank Sticks and Bivvies can all be supplied. A £100 cash deposit will be required, payable on-site.


Please note this is for Lake Difficile ONLY.

Order your bait with L’Etourneau and it will be waiting for you when you arrive for your weeks fishing.