Lake Difficile


About Lake Difficile

9 acres in size; the lake shape is similar to a fish tail. two shallow bays feed in to the main body up to the dam wall. depths range from a metre to five metres at the dam. spring fed naturally from miles away; the lakes have a continual flow through of fresh water controlled by grills.

When I purchased the lakes the water test showed a low PH. Both lakes were fertilised to raise this up to healthier levels. The test showed that the water was so good you could actually drink it!

Originally dug for granite; the 50 acre site was then developed in to a fish farm some 60+ years ago. It’s gone from a baron water to a beautiful healthy lake, rich in naturals and reed lined. Not the easy lake it once was, a bit more challenging now! (Hence the name…)


Some of the lakes residents.. 


Completely drained down when bought. Restocked by several different fish farmers over the following year from Bergerac through to Chateauroux and various organised village-vidange ‘drain downs’.

A Fish farmer recommended around 150 fish, so naturally we doubled up! We opened up with 300 young growing fish from 20-40 pounds.  Over the years we’ve seen the average weight go from mid 20’s to now mid 40’s. We now have a good head of 40, 50, 60 and 4 known 70lbs carp. Every year the weights increase and keep surprising us. 

Please note that all fishing at L’etourneau is completely barbless, if this is not your style please don’t consider booking.