Lake Facile

About Lake Facile

8 acres in size, a more rounded shape.  Depths again from a metre in the far rocky shallower end going to 5 metres at the dam wall.  This is the highest lake on the property.  The water quality and feeds are the same as Lake Difficile – they are both on the same river system. 

Both lakes dug for the pink granite, so the bottoms are hard in places, silty areas have developed over the years.

Untouched and untamed for 18 years this stunning and mystical water is ready!

Completely drained at the same time as our other lake.  We planned on stocking at a later date.  As the fish arrived we’d asked for none under 20lb.  Quite a few started to come out nearer 16-18lb.  A new price was negotiated and we put about 70 into Lake Facile.  Left to their own thing for about 17 years the biggest out a couple of years ago was a 34lb Common!

3 years ago we stocked again with 300 young fish mainly from 8-30lb.

Please note that all fishing at L’etourneau is completely barbless, if this is not your style please don’t consider booking.